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Anthroposophy: “Trust in life and courage to develop despite uncertainties important in times of crisis” “Children and young people should be given the chance to develop all their interests and talents, whether they are scientific and technological or artistic and spiritual,” says dr Michaela Glöckler, president of Eliant, a Goetheanum partner organization. The Goetheanum is the headquarters of the School of Spiritual Science and the world centre for the anthroposophical movement. The building was designed by Rudolf Steiner, the founding father of anthroposophy. Located in Switzerland, the organisation is active worldwide in research, development, teaching, and the practical implementation of its research findings. (Monday January 17th, 2022 — The Brussels Times)

Anthroposophy 7

Meet millennials Jahan Jhala and Mallika Chandra, who are pursuing conscious living as farmers in the Gir forest Subverting the toxic doctrine of hustle culture, Jahan Jhala left his corporate job in the UK to return to his fourth-generation family farm in Gujarat’s Gir forest. Along with his partner Mallika Chandra, he has now undertaken the ambitious endeavour of transforming the plot into a lush, biodynamic pocket (Monday January 17th, 2022 — Vogue India)

Bio Agriculture 6

Ecuador expands protections around Galápagos, creating ‘a new highway’ for sea life The South American government will curb fishing in more than 20,000 square miles of ocean next to the archipelago, which is treasured for its abundance of wildlife (Friday January 14th, 2022 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 4

Researchers find icefish colony the size of Malta in Antarctic waters A team of biologists stumbled across an estimated 60 million fish nests while collecting data on the floor of the Weddell Sea last February. The researchers published their findings this week in the journal Current Biology. The colony probably covers roughly 93 square miles, the scientists found — about the size of the island of Malta. (Friday January 14th, 2022 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 7

Distilled: Biodynamic whisky takes centre stage Our monthly spirits round-up includes two biodynamic whiskies making waves in the distilling world, and how to make a classic Espresso Martini with ‘zero waste’ vodka. (Saturday January 8th, 2022 — decanter.com)

Bio Agriculture 6

Space Telescope’s ‘Golden Eye’ Opens, Last Major Hurdle More powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope, the $10 billion Webb will scan the cosmos for light streaming from the first stars and galaxies formed 13.7 billion years ago. (Saturday January 8th, 2022 — Huffpost)

Miscellaneous 6

In Mexico, the potters of Mata Ortiz keep tradition alive This is a story about searchers: One man, Juan Quezada, a woodcutter who walked the hills with his eyes fixed on the ground looking for pottery shards, then perfected a method of making pots of his own. And another man, Spencer MacCallum, who came across some of those early pots in a New Mexico junk shop and traced them to the source, setting in motion events that would transform hundreds of lives, including his own. (Friday January 7th, 2022 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 7

Native Americans’ farming practices may help feed a warming world “We’ve had 5,000 years of farmers trying out different strategies for dealing with heat, drought and water scarcity,” said Gary Nabhan, an ethnobotanist and agrarian activist who focuses on plants and cultures of the Southwest. Collectively, he added, “we need to begin to translate that.” (Tuesday January 4th, 2022 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 7

Nine Organic And Sustainable Products For A Greener 2022 Committed to creating a green THC experience, Stone Road owns and operates a biodynamic farm on the top of a hill in Nevada City, California. Their plants grow in living soil and they are never treated with synthetic products. Instead, the Stone Road team uses ladybugs, predator mites, and a medley of beneficial fungi for pest control and irrigates with water from a 460 foot deep artesian well. ...... Querciabella has been committed to biodynamic viticulture for over a decade. With 183 acres of prime Chianti Classico vineyards – located in the municipalities of Greve, Panzano, Radda and Gaiole – in addition to 79 acres in Maremma on Tuscany’s unspoiled Etruscan coast (Tuesday January 4th, 2022 — Forbes)

Bio Agriculture 7

What Are Natural Wines (and Are They Any Good)? ...natural wine is often produced using biodynamic or organic farming practices, which produces a wine that is often better for your body, and better for the earth.” (Wednesday December 29th, 2021 — Fine Dining Lovers)

Bio Agriculture 6

Alcheringa Biodynamic Farms' focus on organic is the best fit for their dairy VICTORIAN-based Alcheringa Biodynamic Farms are setting themselves apart by taking an organic approach to farming and using no chemicals within their dairy cattle and pasture systems. (Friday December 24th, 2021 — The Land - Australia)

Bio Agriculture 7

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Mistletoe Over 1,700 species of the parasitic plant grow around the globe (Tuesday December 21st, 2021 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 11

Stories of South: Vineyard Alchemist “Biodynamics is a form of organic farming (with) a huge focus on soil fertility,” Melissa explains. “It recognizes that there is a relationship with the lunar cycle, so the sun, the moon and the planets. The moon has a gravitational effect on Earth, just as it affects our tides. “It also has an effect on nature and even us as humans…farmers have a responsibility to grow nutritious food and produce that is then going to nurture the community that they live amongst.” (Monday December 6th, 2021 — Mirage News)

Bio Agriculture 5

Spotlight: Scottish Artist Daniel Mullen Uses a Meditative Process to Create Paintings as Dazzling as They Are Exacting The visual language originates from my formative education at a Rudolf Steiner school, where I learned the technique of veil painting, which uses heavily diluted paint applied in rhythmical overlapping layers. In Steiner's pedagogy, it is believed that this way of painting creates an atmosphere in which color fields can permeate beyond the support surface. I utilize this technique as a way to create an ethereal effect…I would visually place my work somewhere between geometric abstraction and the Light and Space movement of California. I'm interested in phenomenology-to sense something that is not present, or at least that which seems undefinable, a space out of reach beyond our perception" (Friday December 3rd, 2021 — MarketScreener)

Art 4

The hidden bustling world of hedgerows Hedgerows were historically planted as barriers between fields, but in a human-dominated world, they are critical havens, corridors and connectors for wildlife. (Thursday November 25th, 2021 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 3

Bee gold: Why honey is an insect superfood ...a large body of research has revealed that honey is chock-full of plant chemicals that influence honey bee health. Components in honey can help bees live longer, boost their tolerance of harsh conditions such as intense cold and heighten their ability to fight off infections and heal wounds. The findings hint at ways to help bees, which have been hit hard in recent years by parasites, pesticide exposure and habitat loss. (Wednesday November 24th, 2021 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 3

The gentle giants softly nurturing the vineyards of Churton “In an organic system like ours, the under-vine area is the area which is most difficult to manage. With horses, we can get much better access to it, and can do a much better job than with a mechanical means using a tractor, without the compaction.” (Sunday November 7th, 2021 — Stuff.co.nz)

Bio Agriculture 3

Forest Kindergarten at the Waldorf School of Baltimore In an era where early academic pressures are being put onto younger and younger learners, the Waldorf School of Baltimore is seeing the pendulum swing back towards a more developmentally appropriate entry into education. In fact, their Waldorf Kindergarten program has become so popular that this year, as the school celebrates its fiftieth birthday, they found need to open a second class and an opportunity was born: to create an outdoor classroom called Chestnut Woods to house their first ever Forest Kindergarten. (Tuesday October 5th, 2021 — Baltimore Fishbowl)

Waldorf 6

Austria’s Wineries Make Push To The Future With Biodynamics Forefront It started in Austria with the “first wave” changing to biodynamic. Styrian growers like Sepp Muster, Werlitsch, Tscheppe, etc. started natural winemaking and the biggest change, was fermentation of whites on the skins. This was in the early 2000s. We, at our estate, started in 2003 with skin fermentation, changed to biodynamic 2 years later and started getting our experience in natural winemaking in 2006 with the move to biodynamic. (Thursday September 30th, 2021 — Forbes)

Bio Agriculture 9

Bordeaux sees sharp growth in organic vineyards Going beyond organic: Château Palmer has been a pioneer of biodynamics, alongside other top estates like Climens and Pontet-Canet. (Thursday September 30th, 2021 — decanter.com)

Bio Agriculture 6
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