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The kākāpō, the world's only flightless parrot, after decades of near-extinction, is back home Four birds named Ōtepoti, Bunker, Motupōhue, and Māhutonga were released July 19 onto Te Ika-a-Māui (the North Island) of New Zealand. They are the first kākāpō to walk the mainland in four decades. Kākāpō live nowhere else in the world. (Friday July 28th, 2023 — Daily Kos - US)

Miscellaneous 7

First-ever Farmhouse Fest Wine Fair brings 27 producers from across the world Vancouver’s fledgling Farmhouse Fest Wine Fair has announced its full lineup, with producers headed to the West Coast from as far away as Greece, Japan, Slovenia, and Hungary. (Thursday July 27th, 2023 — The Georgia Straight - )

Bio Agriculture 12

The microbes that could protect grapevines from climate change Grapes – and the wine industry that relies upon them – are threatened by extreme weather events like heatwaves, but spraying them with marine microbes could help them adapt. (Thursday July 27th, 2023 — BBC online)

Bio Agriculture 9

Is organic production becoming a prerequisite for fine wine? According to French fine wine auctioneer iDealwine’s recent annual Barometer, organic and biodynamic wine has also been “thriving” at auction over the past few years, with the rankings of the most expensive organic and biodynamic wines at auction bearing a “striking resemblance to the overall rankings of the highest-priced wines in 2022”, particularly at the top of the list. (Wednesday July 26th, 2023 — The Drinks Business - London, UK)

Bio Agriculture 8

Seawilding: the Scottish community reviving a loch Loch Craignish in Scotland is being 'seawilded' with oysters and seagrass meadows: some of the world's most depleted habitats. Could it be a model for wider underwater restoration? (Tuesday July 25th, 2023 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 13

Biodynamic Conference Highlights Importance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Fighting Climate Change Liz Carlisle, author of Healing Grounds, will open the National Biodynamic Conference, hosted by the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance in Westminster, CO, Nov 8-12. (Monday July 24th, 2023 — EIN News - Washington, DC USA)

Bio Agriculture 8

Stanislav Kondrashov Explores the Rise of Biodynamic Wines, Transforming the World of Winemaking According to Kondrashov, biodynamic practices are revolutionizing the industry, offering a holistic approach that produces exceptional wines while prioritizing sustainability and the preservation of our planet. (Thursday July 20th, 2023 — EIN News - Washington, DC USA )

Bio Agriculture 12

High School Student Explores Curiosity About Astrobiology By Conducting Astronomical Observations Several months ago, I would have never imagined myself attempting to observe an exoplanet transit until 3 AM or analyzing the light of a star in a distant region of our galaxy. I did not know that it was possible for a high student with no experience in astronomy to become involved in some of the work that professional astronomers do. However, thanks to the Unistellar and SETI Institute science team, I was able to have that experience and participate in my own astronomical observations. (Wednesday July 19th, 2023 — SETI Institute)

Waldorf 16

Carlo Mondavi: Driving sustainable farming in Napa Valley As the chief farming officer of Monarch Tractor and a fourth-generation vineyardist/winemaker, Mondavi contributes his extensive experience in organic, biodynamic and permaculture farming to drive the shift of agriculture from being a significant producer of carbon emissions to a carbon-neutral industry that will help combat climate change. (Tuesday July 11th, 2023 — Wine Business)

Bio Agriculture 20

Compost Is Not a Dirty Word: Domaine Bousquet Focuses on Composting in Quest for Carbon Neutral Status Intent on becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2023, Argentina’s Domaine Bousquet has become as preoccupied with vineyard composting as it is with fermentation in the winery. (Tuesday July 11th, 2023 — Wine Industry Advisor - Healdsburg, California, United States)

Bio Agriculture 17

Crawford Lake shows humans started a new chapter in geologic time, scientists say A group of scientists said Tuesday the best evidence for humanity’s overwhelming impact on the planet could be found at Crawford Lake in Milton, Ontario. The lake’s finely layered sediments contain a thousand-year record of environmental history, culminating in an explosion of man-made disruption around the middle of the 20th century. That’s when scientists say human activities — from nuclear weapons tests and fossil fuel combustion to deforestation and global trade — began to leave an indelible imprint on Earth’s geologic record. (Tuesday July 11th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 29

Empty Office Buildings Are Being Turned Into Vertical Farms With office usage hovering near 50 percent of pre-pandemic levels, cities are putting the underutilized space to new use growing food (Tuesday July 11th, 2023 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 13

Eagle Who Thought Rock Was an Egg Finally Gets to Be a Dad In early March, a bald eagle named Murphy, a resident of the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri, was ready to become a father. He crafted his nest carefully in the bottom of his enclosure, his home for most of his 31 years of life since an injury left him unable to fly. ... Then, news came from Ste. Genevieve, Missouri: A young eaglet had fallen from its nest during a storm and needed somewhere to stay. The World Bird Sanctuary realized that this could be Murphy’s big chance. (Sunday July 9th, 2023 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 16

When Did Humans Start Settling Down? In Israel, new discoveries at one of the world’s oldest villages are upending the debate about when we stopped wandering (Sunday July 9th, 2023 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 11

Scientists Find Rare Deep-Sea Octopus Nurseries Researchers have discovered a rare, deep-sea octopus nursery off the western shore of Costa Rica, complete with mother octopuses brooding their eggs and newly emerged hatchlings, according to a statement from the Schmidt Ocean Institute. The team also confirmed that a previously known gathering site of deep-sea octopuses is also an active nursery. (Monday July 3rd, 2023 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 13

Major grant enhances quality of life for senior residents at Camphill Milton Keynes Camphill MK Communities have been awarded a £75,000 large strategic grant by MK Community Foundation to support their new capital expansion programme in Pennyland. (Thursday June 29th, 2023 — MKFM - Milton Keynes, UK)

Camphill 15

Connecting: The power of candlelight moments On a recent flight to New York, I had the privilege of sitting next to Anna, a teacher in the Waldorf style of education. Based on the approach of Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf schools offer a developmentally appropriate, experiential, and academically rigorous approach to education. They integrate the arts in all academic disciplines for children from preschool through 12th grade to enhance and enrich learning. Waldorf education aims to inspire life-long learning in all students and to enable them to fully develop their unique capacities. (Wednesday June 28th, 2023 — The Business Journals - California, USA)

Waldorf 20

Outdoor Education: Nurturing Learning through Nature and Recreation Even if you are not familiar with the basic principles of Waldorf education, the chances are high that you have heard about forest schools in the United Kingdom or participated in scouting activities at the local branches as a child. Now, educators feel determined to bring back the best elements to the practice of outdoor education by making a positive difference in the lives of young people across the land. (Tuesday June 27th, 2023 — The Solihull Observer - UK)

Waldorf 18

The human-chimp bond captured in an iconic photo In 1964, Jane Goodall's husband Hugo van Lawick took a photo of her and an infant chimp reaching out to each other. Decades later, it continues to impact how we view chimpanzees. (Image credit: Hugo van Lawick) (Friday June 23rd, 2023 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 16

The race to extract an Indigenous language from its last lucid speaker As these ways of speaking disappear, some linguists say, so, too, do ways of thinking. At risk are vital clues to unlock mysteries of human evolution, neurology, even medical science. (Friday June 23rd, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 17
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