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The Ten Most Significant Science Stories of 2022 From Omicron’s spread to a revelation made using ancient DNA, these were the biggest moments of the past year (Wednesday December 28th, 2022 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 5

Champagne Takes on Climate Change Biodynamics: Is This the Future? ... Champagne Fleury has since become a reference in Champagne and across France, as much for its expertise as for its outstanding wines, drawing students and young winemakers from all corners of the country to learn the principles and practices of biodynamics. (Tuesday December 27th, 2022 — France Today)

Bio Agriculture 0

True or false? Biodynamic wine is superior in taste and quality Two studies on biodynamic wines, published in August 2016 and May 2021, would have confirmed their superiority over conventional wines, respectively for Californian and French wines. (Monday December 26th, 2022 — The Nizh Times - Canada)

Bio Agriculture 3

Pasadena Waldorf’s Lower and Middle School Curriculum Lower School (Grades 1 – 5) Curriculum Middle School (Grades 6 – 8) Curriculum (Sunday December 25th, 2022 — Pasadena Now - California USA)

Waldorf 2

100 Years of Anthroposophic Art Olomouc Museum of Art, Czech Republic ... From architectural models to clothes and toys ... The exhibition will give a broad overview of anthroposophic art in chronological order, from the groundbreaking ceremony of the first Goetheanum in 1913, to the present – with special emphasis on the political tension between east and west.  (Sunday December 25th, 2022 — Google Arts & Culture)

Art 2

Farmer and Chef: Local Flavor Joey Scarlett: Biodynamic isn’t just about the food we eat, but about sequestering carbon, regenerating the land, and using biodiversity to help grow more nutrient-dense foods. It looks past the present to the future, and how the soil is responding to mainstream agriculture. (Sunday December 25th, 2022 — The Purist)

Bio Agriculture 1

In an ancient reindeer forest, one woman has found a way to slow climate change It’s part of a grand experiment to rewild the Arctic by regenerating the biodiverse latticework of reindeer habitats, which help regulate the planet’s temperatures. (Sunday December 25th, 2022 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 4

Local winery awarded Robert Parker Green Emblem  In an article announcing the award ... growers are encouraged or required to employ other aspects of regenerative and biodynamic farming, including composting; no-till farming; habitat creation for beneficial insects and pollinators; and the grazing of livestock.” (Sunday December 25th, 2022 — Paso Robles Daily News)

Bio Agriculture 2

Midwest farms are using more cover crops. Why that’s good news. Now that it’s possible to detect cover crops from satellite imagery, they say, it will be easier to promote cover crop adoption. (Sunday December 25th, 2022 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 2

Emancipation through agriculture > The Goetheanum’s Section for Agriculture reflects on a hundred years of biodynamics In the year leading up to the centenary of biodynamic farming, the Goetheanum’s Section for Agriculture examines its foundations, origins and global development. (Tuesday December 20th, 2022 — Farmers Review Africa)

Bio Agriculture 4

The vegan leather made from India’s waste flowers Most faux leather is made from plastic from fossil fuels, but sustainable leather alternatives made from bio-materials have been popping up all over the world (Monday December 19th, 2022 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 3

Domaine Magdalena, A Small Winery In Washington’s Red Mountain AVA, Bets Big On Biodynamics Maggie Hedges, owner/grower of Domaine Magdalena, runs the winery with her husband Christophe Hedges. At Domaine Magdalena, they have grown four acres of Cabernet Sauvignon organically since 2005, and biodynamically with Demeter certification since 2011. Because their family lives on the farm, a healthy environment in which to r (Wednesday December 14th, 2022 — Forbes)

Bio Agriculture 2

The overlooked benefits of real Christmas trees "Well-managed forests really play a huge role in the climate solution," says Andy Finton, landscape conservation director at The Nature Conservancy, a US-based environmental non-profit. "Trees of all sorts are pulling carbon from the atmosphere, and storing it and reducing the amount of carbon pollution and thus the pace of climate change." (Tuesday December 13th, 2022 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 2

Biodynamic Agriculture and Pest Management For sustainable agriculture in terms of yield, pest management, and fertility of the soil, biodynamic agriculture with proper pest management techniques might be a possible option for Nepali farmers or growers. (Friday December 9th, 2022 — myRepublica - Nagarik Network)

Bio Agriculture 1

Fuel made from ramen, dishes from coffee grounds: Japan rethinks food waste Reinvention can offer an alternative. Japanese companies are taking vegetable peels, cooking oil, eggshells and other used foodstuffs and making entirely different products. Cement, for example. Even furniture. (Friday December 9th, 2022 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 3

Uncorked: Where should I start with Austrian natural wine? It is generally agreed however that farming biodynamically, with organic materials, with nothing added and nothing taken away during the winemaking process, and no fining or filtration, will result in a “living” and “natural” wine. (Friday December 9th, 2022 — Yahoo News)

Bio Agriculture 2

What Fingerprints Tell Us About Jerusalem’s Ancient Artisans In an unusual collaboration, archaeologists in Israel are working with police to analyze prints left on fifth- or sixth-century pottery shards (Friday December 9th, 2022 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 3

Lasse Hallström Drama ‘Hilma’ Starring Lena Olin Acquired By Juno Films  Hilma brings to the big screen the life story of a woman who defied conventions and revolutionized the art world when her work was exhibited in its entirety in 2019 at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. ... From her adoration of the occultist Rudolf Steiner and her invincible belief in spirits, to her unconventional romantic life and close circle of fellow female artists who converged around Hilma and her atelier, the film provides a portrait of a woman who chose to remain true to her vision as an artist, despite working in a hostile, misogynistic world where women were not expected to express themselves and were not yet allowed to vote. (Wednesday December 7th, 2022 — Deadline - Hollywood, California USA)

Art 2

Super-premium rosé: the Inner Temple Working biodynamically is “essential” on such terroir, he insists. “It preserves the soil, the quintessence of the terroir, and reveals its most beautiful expression,” he explains. (Tuesday December 6th, 2022 — The Drinks Business - UK)

Bio Agriculture 1

Camphill school to build flats for retired teachers at Cults despite complaints about ‘dominating’ building It is hoped that the flats will provide affordable homes for retired co-workers and others in the Camphill community who may struggle to get suitable housing elsewhere. ... But the plan had attracted objections from five neighbours living nearby. (Monday December 5th, 2022 — Press and Journal - UK)

Camphill 3
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