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Biodynamic wine mainly differs from organic in that the practice takes nature into account. According to Barbara Gross, co-owner of Cooper Mountain Vineyards, the first certified biodynamic vineyard in the Pacific Northwest and one of the first top-10-certified vineyards internationally, biodynamic farming is organic and then some. Gross explains, "Organic and biodynamic farming are both approaches to agriculture that prioritize soil health and biodiversity. While both organic and biodynamic farming focus on eliminating synthetic chemicals, biodynamic farming goes one step further and incorporates practices to create a self-sustaining ecosystem on the farm." Read More: https://www.thedailymeal.com/1252720/difference-between-organic-and-biodynamic-wine/ (Sunday April 9th, 2023 — The Daily Meal - Fishers, Indiana, USA)

Bio Agriculture 13

The idea of ​​going back to the roots and reinvigorating family farming life in the region, These were sufficient reasons for Jorge Aragón together with his wife Cecilia to decide to create “Janus – Integrative Rural Project” in Contralmirante Cordero on the basis of biodynamic agriculture and agroecology more than 15 years ago. (Saturday April 8th, 2023 — BreakingLatest.news - )

Bio Agriculture 5

The charity is looking to transform the vacant book shop on the Murtle Estate into a zero waste organic farm shop and community facility. (Friday April 7th, 2023 — Aberdeen Live - UK)

Camphill 11

The King was probably attracted to the organic farming methods at the largest ‘biodynamic’ farm in Germany, rather than the politics behind them, muses JOHN GREEN (Thursday April 6th, 2023 — Morning Star - UK)

Bio Agriculture 32

Established in 1987, Hedges Family Estate began converting their vineyards to biodynamic farming in 2008. Over a decade later, Hedges Family Estate has achieved biodynamic and organic certifications in all their vineyards. The estate on Red Mountain seeks to harmonize with mother nature, following the biodynamic calendar, employing chickens for pest control, and opting for special compost preparations instead of harsh pesticides. (Thursday April 6th, 2023 — Wine Industry Advisor - Healdsburg, California, United States )

Bio Agriculture 13

According to a study by researchers in Israel, distressed plants make noises that are inaudible to humans (Tuesday April 4th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 41

This is partly thanks to the varied landscape of the Alps, where many different natural ecological niches sit closely together. But human influence has also played a part. For centuries, farmers have used the rocky, nutrient-poor grasslands high up in the mountains to graze their animals or mow hay for the winter. In the process, they created grasslands rich in plants and butterflies. Such traditional, unfertilised Alpine meadows host more than three times as many plant species than intensively managed, fertilised ones, according to one study. (Tuesday April 4th, 2023 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 14

Principal Pippa Caccioppoli ... “We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have a number of kaumātua who have been our te teo teachers over the years, who have ensured te reo has been a core part of our curriculum.” (Sunday April 2nd, 2023 — NZ Herald)

Waldorf 1070

The G20 delegates will have the chance to taste numerous tea blends, breathe in the aroma of freshly cut tea leaves, and witness the exhilarating brewing process during their stay. They will also immerse themselves in local culture, music, and spirituality, enjoying activities showcasing the rich heritage of the region. (Saturday April 1st, 2023 — Food & Beverage News - Mumbai, India)

Bio Agriculture 39

The warehouse sits above the remnants of old, flooded mine workings, deep below the surface. These old mines, which will never return coal to the surface again, are now producing another resource that, ironically, can help us emit less carbon, not more: geothermal heat. (Thursday March 30th, 2023 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 15

Most homes in Tucson [Arizona] use between 30 and 50 percent of their water outdoors, [Brad] Lancaster said. On many properties, he said, simply diverting storm water and greywater runoff to the right places, along with growing drought-tolerant native plants, can cut ​outdoor municipal water use to zero, all for “the price of a shovel.” (Monday March 27th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 24

June Chen Ahleman creates oil portraits and is a student at Chicago Waldorf School. Her portraits include the face and/or other aspects of the human form. (Sunday March 26th, 2023 — evanstonroundtable.com - Evanston, Illinois)

Art 13

Every year, millions of monarch butterflies make their way across North America to spend winters in the same forests of central Mexico’s Michoacán state — a phenomenon that remains an evolutionary mystery. But in just one year, the population of monarch butterflies wintering in those hillsides dropped 22 percent, according to a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Mexico report released last week (Sunday March 26th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 28

Our 2019 Pyramid Valley Central Otago Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is produced with the following mindset: "We tend our estates according to the holistic principles of biodynamics, working with the energy of the cosmos and feeding the soils and ecosystem of the site to let nature work her wonders. “The beauty of biodynamics for us, is being in tune with each of our vineyards and their unique needs based on individual soil type, site aspect, ecosystem and local climate. In the cellar, our winemaking follows natural principles with the use of indigenous yeasts, natural fining and minimal, if any, filtration. Our ultimate goal is to guide our wines from the earth to the bottle, producing wines that truly breathe of their place." (Friday March 24th, 2023 — The Royal Gazette - Bermuda)

Bio Agriculture 9

Let’s start with Erick Schreiber, an organic producer who harvests and handles, is Ecocert certified and produces Demeter certified biodynamic champagnes. (Tuesday March 21st, 2023 — Luxus Plus Mag - )

Bio Agriculture 26

Ukraine Ambassador to Kenya Andriy Pravednyk ... spoke on Thursday at Goethe Institut in Nairobi after the launch of the mural known as 'Grains of Culture' under The Wall project. "To strengthen our ties with Kenya, we will organise cultural exchanges after the war with Kenyan artists in painting and musicians since I see a huge potential in cultural exchanges between our two countries. We will not limit ourselves to cultural exchanges but also scholarships to young talented Kenyan students,” Pravednyk said. (Sunday March 19th, 2023 — The Standard - Nairobi, Kenya)

Miscellaneous 16

Researchers once thought that when birds took breaks on long migration routes, they were stopping to build up their fat reserves for the rest of their journey. New research, however, suggests another reason: They’re refreshing their immune systems. (Saturday March 18th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 28

RSF Social Finance has provided a $5 million debt loan to clean energy investment firm Sunwealth. The financing will support a portfolio of 26 community-based solar projects across five states. More than one-third of the portfolio directly benefits low- to moderate-income (LMI) communities. (Thursday March 16th, 2023 — Solar Builder - Brecksville, Ohio USA)

Investing 19

Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach of FT.com T&Cs and Copyright Policy. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. Subscribers may share up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service. More information can be found at https://www.ft.com/tour. https://www.ft.com/content/565bacd8-be0a-4d0d-9e5c-d869d0e01eb0 Biodynamic growing is a step beyond organic viticulture, whose adherents simply forswear agrochemicals. Bauer is an avid follower, which means being guided by the phases of the moon, burying homeopathic doses of special “dynamised” (stirred) preparations in cow horns at propitious times and other bizarre rituals. But all over the world producers of some of the most admired wines follow biodynamic principles, with a demonstrably beneficial effect. (Saturday March 11th, 2023 — Financial Times - UK)

Bio Agriculture 18

A new study from researchers at the Queen Mary University of London shows that members of a bumblebee species were able to learn from one another how to finish a puzzle — a sign that the buzzing critters could have a “capacity for culture.” (Friday March 10th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 44
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