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Fostering Creativity in Play Based Preschool Joan Almon, former Waldorf teacher and co-founder of the�Waldorf School of Baltimore, as well as the�Alliance for Childhood, was a passionate and life-long advocate�for play-based preschools and kindergartens.�Almon defined�play as an activity that is freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated. It is play, not teacher-motivated instruction, she asserted, that is the�cornerstone of the child developing a spirit of creativity. (Wednesday January 18th, 2023 — Baltimore Fishbowl - Baltimore, Maryland USA)

Waldorf 2

The Septennial Theory: Does the Body Regenerate Every 7 Years? According to the septennial theory, a person�s biological, mental, and philosophical experiences are determined by cycles. ... One of the thinkers who developed a philosophy based on these cycles was Rudolf Steiner, who believed in the theory of the septennial and how the body regenerates itself every seven years and prepares itself for the situations to come. (Saturday January 14th, 2023 — Cultura Colectiva - Latin America)

Anthroposophy 2

Wine with Leslie: Look to Greece for modern wines Greek winemaking has been going through a renaissance in recent years with modern winemaking producing clean fruit-driven wines and lots of organic and biodynamic wine production. (Friday January 13th, 2023 — Irish Examiner)

Bio Agriculture 2

Museums and parks add new shades with color-blindness glasses More than 90 international museums, plus parks and other popular attractions, offer the vision-enhancing amenity (Thursday January 12th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 2

�He�s the happiest boy I could wish for�: North-east mum�s praise for Camphill community Mum Emma explained: �Anthony has Downs Syndrome, is non-verbal and has limited understanding, so he needed an environment that was supervised but also gave independence and structure. Emma says Camphill is helping Anthony live life to the fullest. Image: Camphill School Aberdeen Emma says Camphill is helping Anthony live life to the fullest. �He joined Camphill School Aberdeen when he was 18, and it has been the best thing for both Anthony and me.� (Wednesday January 11th, 2023 — Press and Journal - UK)

Camphill 2

The World�s First Vaccine for Honeybees Is Here Beekeepers will mix the vaccine, which contains dead P. larvae bacteria cells, into the food that worker bees eat. Then, when the worker bees secrete their milky royal jelly, the queen will ingest it and the vaccine. From there, the vaccine will make its way to her ovaries, where it will immunize developing larvae. According to the company, the vaccine is not genetically modified and can be used in organic farming. (Monday January 9th, 2023 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 2

�Self-Healing� Concrete May Have Preserved Ancient Roman Structures To test this, the team made concrete using a Roman recipe and a modern recipe. They then broke the concrete and let water pass through it for 30 days. Afterward, the modern concrete still let water pass through, but the Roman concrete did not, suggesting the cracks had been filled. (Monday January 9th, 2023 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 5

Amateur Sleuth Helps Unearth A 'Surreal' Finding In Cave Drawings The markings, when closely associated with animal images, further appeared to represent numbers for months on a lunar calendar and helped communicate the reproductive cycles of animals, the study noted. (Sunday January 8th, 2023 — Huffpost)

Miscellaneous 2

Birds bounced back in severely burned Appalachian forests Within five years of the fires, the researchers found, 71 percent of trees in the most severely burned areas had died, compared with just 7 percent in areas that didn�t burn. But recovery after the fire was swift. Within five years, shrub cover had increased 70 percent. And despite an over 90 percent reduction in tree canopy in the severely burned areas, birds thrived in the aftermath. By the fifth year, the researchers write, the total abundance, number of species and diversity of birds had doubled in the most severely burned areas compared with the unburned ones. (Saturday January 7th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 4

The turtle moms that �talk� to their eggs before they hatch Known locally as the arrau or tartaruga da amazonia, the giant South American river turtle lives throughout the Amazon and its tributaries. During the dry season, thousands of females at once crawl onto beaches along the river to lay their eggs. ... But that�s not the case with the arrau. After nesting, females often hover by the shore for up to two months waiting for their eggs to hatch. (Friday January 6th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 5

Wind generated a record amount of electricity in 2022 Great Britain produced a record amount of wind-powered electricity in 2022, according to the National Grid. More electricity came from renewable and nuclear power sources than from fossil fuels gas and coal, the second highest after 2020. (Friday January 6th, 2023 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 3

Milwaukee area school districts are using the great outdoors to further student learning The school primarily focuses on environmental education and using the outdoors, said principal Colleen Hoyne. For example, to bring environmental components into a math class one day, Eagleviille�s older students calculated how many plants would be needed for the school's butterfly garden. (Thursday January 5th, 2023 — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Wisconsin, USA)

Waldorf 3

Zeballos indigenous students to visit Nelson Waldorf School In 2023 Grade 9 students at Nelson Waldorf School will be participating in an inter-cultural exchange with Ehattesaht First Nation students from Zeballos Elementary/ Secondary School on Vancouver Island. (Thursday January 5th, 2023 — The Nelson Daily - British Columbia, Canada)

Adult Education 4

BBC presenter Martha Kearney joins very special Milton Keynes community as their patron ... she has pledged to help them with their campaign to raise �15m so they can expand their facilities. Established in 1981, Camphill MK provides support, accommodation, and day workshops for adults (Wednesday January 4th, 2023 — Milton Keynes Citizen - UK)

Camphill 5

The intervals in music theory: definition, story & examples Music intervals have fascinated many spiritually elevated people, mathematicians like Pythagoras or mediums like Gustavo Rol. All these renowned personalities have studied their characteristics and above all their ability to generate specific psychophysical effects in humans. Rudolf Steiner analyzed them to present his research at a conference in Stuttgart in 1923. According to Steiner with the �experience of the fifth� one feels an exit into the universe; with the �experience of the third� one feels like returning back home. Between the two lies the �experience of the fourth�, a very strong experience because it is in fact at the boundary separating the experience of the fifth (exteriority) from the third (interiority). (Monday January 2nd, 2023 — Auralcrave)

Art 4

The Ten Most Significant Science Stories of 2022 From Omicron�s spread to a revelation made using ancient DNA, these were the biggest moments of the past year (Wednesday December 28th, 2022 — Smithsonian Magazine - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 8

Champagne Takes on Climate Change Biodynamics: Is This the Future? ... Champagne Fleury has since become a reference in Champagne and across France, as much for its expertise as for its outstanding wines, drawing students and young winemakers from all corners of the country to learn the principles and practices of biodynamics. (Tuesday December 27th, 2022 — France Today)

Bio Agriculture 2

True or false? Biodynamic wine is superior in taste and quality Two studies on biodynamic wines, published in�August 2016�and May 2021, would have confirmed their superiority over conventional wines, respectively for Californian and French wines. (Monday December 26th, 2022 — The Nizh Times - Canada)

Bio Agriculture 5

Pasadena Waldorf�s Lower and Middle School Curriculum Lower School (Grades 1 � 5) Curriculum Middle School (Grades 6 � 8) Curriculum (Sunday December 25th, 2022 — Pasadena Now - California USA)

Waldorf 3

100 Years of Anthroposophic Art Olomouc Museum of Art, Czech Republic ... From architectural models to clothes and toys ... The exhibition will give a broad overview of anthroposophic art in chronological order, from the groundbreaking ceremony of the first Goetheanum in 1913, to the present � with special emphasis on the political tension between east and west.� (Sunday December 25th, 2022 — Google Arts & Culture)

Art 3
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