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Schools are preparing to help kids navigate the digital age Diana Graber, founder of Cyber Civics, Cyberwise and author of “Raising Humans in a Digital World,” first recognized a need for education to be available on this topic in 2010 at her kids’ school. (Friday March 15th, 2024 — Daily Local - West Chester, Pennsylvania USA)

Waldorf 57

Pharmaceuticals Are Contaminating Food Crops Illegally Even though Congress made adding drugs to food illegal, it continues fund research that could contaminate the food supply. ... 2002. A corn crop genetically engineered by ProdiGene to produce a vaccine for pigs contaminated 500,000 bushels of Nebraska soybeans worth $2.7 million. (Friday March 15th, 2024 — Organic Bytes Newsletter)

Miscellaneous 59

Arizona favors Montessori more than any other education method, study reveals Waldorf education, founded by Rudolf Steiner, prioritizes holistic development, creativity, and practical skills integration, fostering imagination, nature connection, and emotional-social growth, making it appealing to parents seeking a well-rounded educational approach. Waldorf was Arizona’s third most-searched education method, with 24 searches per 1000 people. (Thursday March 14th, 2024 — Gila Valley Central - Arizona, USA)

Waldorf 61

Florida favors charter schools over any other alternative education method ... in Florida, the data shows more parents are choosing charter schools, followed by Montessori schools and then Waldorf & Steiner programs, as their top three choices for alternative education. (Thursday March 14th, 2024 — GulfLive.com - Florida, USA)

Waldorf 59

Beekeepers Triumph Against Deadly Insecticide After a California state agency approved the insecticide sulfoxaflor for use, Earthjustice successfully challenged the decision on behalf of commercial beekeepers in 2021. But industry and the state agency appealed the ruling to a higher court. Earlier this month, the state Court of Appeals dismissed that challenge, letting our win stand. (Tuesday March 12th, 2024 — earthjustice.org)

Miscellaneous 62

Ackley Brands Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Biodynamic® Agriculture and Promotion of Chris Brack to Winemaker Montinore Estate has been certified Biodynamic since 2008 (Tuesday March 12th, 2024 — Wine Industry Advisor - )

Bio Agriculture 61

Opinion: I’m an English professor who embraces the Waldorf learning philosophy. Here’s why. We opted for the public charter Waldorf school and were lucky enough to get a spot in the lottery. Our daughter learned to create, solve problems with classmates and act out stories in kindergarten. (Tuesday March 12th, 2024 — San Diego Union-Tribune - California USA)

Waldorf 57

Shine My Crown First Black Woman Elected to Senate Starts Organic Food Line Carol Moseley Braun, the first African American woman elected to the U.S. Senate, is breaking new ground after beginning a new venture in organic, biodynamic food. (Friday March 8th, 2024 — Shine My Crown )

Bio Agriculture 61

This High Schooler Invented an A.I.-Powered Trap That Zaps Invasive Lanternflies Using solar power, machine learning and her family’s patio umbrella, 18-year-old Selina Zhang created a synthetic tree that lures the destructive species (Friday March 8th, 2024 — Smithsonian.com - )

Miscellaneous 358

For the first time in centuries, a gray whale is spotted in New England Scientists believe they disappeared from that ocean by at least the 19th century, and gray whales were effectively absent from accounts in America by the Revolutionary War ... (Thursday March 7th, 2024 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 66

People living with disabilities: Camphill Trust calls for review of laws One of the key changes that Camphill is advocating for is the replacement of the term “mentally challenged” with “persons with mental health.” This shift in language aims to reduce stigma and promote a more respectful and inclusive society for individuals living with disabilities. By using more appropriate and person-centered language, we can help to create a more accepting and understanding environment for individuals with disabilities. (Thursday March 7th, 2024 — Weekend Post - Gaborone, Botswana)

Camphill 68

Regenerative Certifications Are Booming Right Now. Are They Worth It? It’s not the only regenerative certification seeing a surge of interest. In 2022, Regenerative Organic Alliance certified 500,000 acres. In 2023, 6 million acres were certified. (Monday March 4th, 2024 — WineEnthusiast.com)

Miscellaneous 273

Expert consensus-based clinical recommendation for an integrative anthroposophic treatment approach to acute tonsillitis in chil The clinical recommendation for acute tonsillitis in children aims to simplify everyday patient care and provide decision-making support when considering and prescribing anthroposophic therapies. Moreover, the recommendation makes anthroposophic medicine more transparent for physicians, parents, and maybe political stakeholders as well. (Saturday March 2nd, 2024 — ScienceDirect.com - Netherlands)

Medicine 2271

How solar power is changing life deep in the Amazon Loaded with panels on their roofs, four boats now circulate across 12 Achuar communities near the border with Peru. Kara Solar, a nonprofit organization that promotes solar energy in this region, gave local residents the boats, which they are in charge of building, fixing and running. The group, which is funded by outside donations, wants to add 10 more boats over the next two years. (Saturday March 2nd, 2024 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 90

Cape Town, low on water, is chopping trees to cope with climate change While preserving the world’s forests is widely considered essential to combating climate change, scientists in South Africa have determined that invasive tree species are sucking up so much groundwater that the area is better off eliminating the trees. (Wednesday February 28th, 2024 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 88

How Cherilyn Spears Moved Red Lake Nation to Food Sovereignty Tribal leadership asked Spears if she could grow healthier food to feed Red Lake during the shutdown, and to quicken the timeline for becoming a food sovereign nation. (Wednesday February 28th, 2024 — womenspress.com - Minneapolis, Minnesota USA)

Miscellaneous 65

Training is the key to a different agricultural model But as the development of industrial agriculture expanded and the damage it was doing to people and the environment became clearer, a choir of dissenting voices emerged, calling for food models with a lower environmental and social impact. The solutions they proposed were different, but one thing they agreed on from the outset was the importance of training in changing the model. And so it was that Austrian Rudolf Steiner laid the foundations of biodynamic agriculture, the first organic farming movement, with his ‘Agricultural Course’, which was first presented in 1924 and was later turned into a book. (Monday February 26th, 2024 — Equal Times - Europe)

Bio Agriculture 180

A deep-sea robot may have discovered more than 100 new species Alien-looking lobsters, sponges, urchins, sea stars and sea lilies are among the creatures deep-sea explorers found off the coast of Chile (Saturday February 24th, 2024 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 86

The remote island where giant tortoises clear runways for albatrosses The albatross have huge wingspans, [up to 2m (6.6ft) across], Hunter says. "To take off, they have to get a running start. They need an open area that's sufficiently wide and long. The tortoises are what allowed those landing strips to be present. And when the tortoises were gone, the vegetation really closed in." (Saturday February 24th, 2024 — BBC online - UK)

Miscellaneous 41

The cities stripping out concrete for earth and plants From Australia to Ontario, cities are taking up unnecessary stretches of concrete and asphalt, allowing nature to take hold in their place. (Friday February 23rd, 2024 — BBC online - UK)

Miscellaneous 43
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