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Why is �craft� considered a dirty word? For centuries, craftspeople have been revered and valued, and craftwork has been acknowledged as an essential part of human development. So when did �craft� become a dirty word that�s only just being reclaimed? Katie Jarvis speaks to Charlotte Abrahams and Katy Bevan (Friday February 2nd, 2024 — Great British Life)

Art 204

Pasadena Waldorf First Graders� Visit to the High School Garden Garden Day! A trip to the Pasadena Waldorf High School garden for main lesson was full of discovery and joy for Grade 1 students. What a treat to have snacks with their buddies from Grade 12 when work was done! (Wednesday January 31st, 2024 — Pasadena Now)

Waldorf 172

Everyone says trees are good for us. This scientist wants to prove it. In 2018, Bhatnagar, a University of Louisville medical school professor, decided that he wanted to �do something� about air pollution in Louisville, which has repeatedly earned failing grades for air quality from the American Lung Association. His contribution, he decided, would be to find the connection between trees and better heart health using the gold standard for evidence: clinical trials. (Monday January 29th, 2024 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 167

S�nchez emphasizes Lugo�s �potential� in climate action On January 27, 2024, the President of the Government, Pedro S�nchez, visited the Impulso Verde building in Lugo, Galicia (Spain). This building is the first public building in Galicia to be constructed entirely with Galician wood as part of the LIFE Lugo + Biodynamic project. The project includes measures such as building homes with wood, collecting stormwater for reuse, and implementing a system for reusing waste as biomass. (Sunday January 28th, 2024 — Alaska Commons)

Bio Agriculture 518

Realizing the promise and avoiding the perils of AI in impact finance Allie Burns of Village Capital and Jasper van Brakel of RSF Social Finance flesh out the promise and perils of AI in impact investing. (Wednesday January 24th, 2024 — ImpactAlpha)

Investing 166

Resurgence of Organic Farming In the 20th century, the introduction of Biodynamic farming by philosopher Rudolf Steiner further propelled the momentum of organic farming. The establishment of the Rodale Institute became a key player, actively engaging in various organic practices. Subsequently, in 1972, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) emerged as the primary global authority for organic farming. (Wednesday January 17th, 2024 — Daily Excelsior - India)

Bio Agriculture 171

Spelling champion with Down syndrome defies stereotypes That 13-year-old Ellen Ruckmann-Bruch has won Honolulu Waldorf School's annual spelling bee two years in a row, is fluent in German along with Eng�lish and has run three virtual marathons makes her unusual. That she's done all of these things and more with Down syndrome makes her unique, at least in Hawaii. (Monday January 15th, 2024 — Yahoo News)

Waldorf 184

Huge ancient lost city found in the Amazon The discovery changes what we know about the history of people living in the Amazon. The houses and plazas in the Upano area in eastern Ecuador were connected by an astounding network of roads and canals. The area lies in the shadow of a volcano that created rich local soils but also may have led to the destruction of the society. (Thursday January 11th, 2024 — BBC online - UK)

Miscellaneous 161

The Waldorf Way: A Holistic Approach to Education and Parenting The Waldorf Way, as envisioned by Rudolf Steiner over a century ago, presents a holistic approach to education and parenting that seeks to nurture the whole child�mind, body, and spirit. In this article, we will delve into the fundamental principles of Waldorf education, explore its unique methodologies, and highlight how it shapes not only a child�s academic journey but also their overall development and well-being. (Friday October 13th, 2023 — Vents Magazine - Dominican Republic)

Waldorf 1780

America's ancient sky watchers According to Hilding Neilson, an astronomer and a member of the Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation, this is one of the limitations of traditional academic science: by focusing on facts and figures, science misses our human connection to the natural world. (Thursday October 12th, 2023 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 194

Phone-free schools address global problem Kimberton Village. Instead, it was a change the school felt was necessary to make to its technology landscape after its governance identified an increasing concern over the grip that cellphone usage was having on students nationally, and the impact this was beginning to have on their own school environment. This resulted in KWS deciding to make the entire school cellphone and smartwatch free during the school day. (Wednesday October 11th, 2023 — Reading Eagle -Reading, Pennsylvania USA)

Waldorf 191

After Dam Removal, Washington State Tribe Fishes for Salmon on Elwha River for First Time in More Than a Century The dams were removed in August of 2014, but the tribe had to wait for a run of salmon that was healthy enough to be fished. Now, for the first time in more than a hundred years, members of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe are fishing for coho salmon on the free-flowing river. (Wednesday October 11th, 2023 — EcoWatch.com)

Miscellaneous 191

�Freak of nature� tree is the find of a lifetime for forest explorer Tree Hunter TJ Watt found the cedar in British Columbia standing 151 feet tall and about 17 feet in diameter (Sunday October 8th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 190

Ancient footprints upend timeline of humans� arrival in North America Two years ago, a team of scientists came to the conclusion that human tracks sunk into the mud in White Sands National Park in New Mexico were more than 21,000 years old. The provocative finding threatened the dominant thinking on when and how people migrated into the Americas. (Thursday October 5th, 2023 — Washington Post - Washington DC USA)

Miscellaneous 183

Proof is in the Pinot Biodynamically-farmed Soter Vineyards celebrates 25 year anniversary �Why biodynamic?� reflects Tony Soter. �I began to see biodynamics less as a mysterious and quasi-religious practice requiring a leap of faith but rather a prescient philosophy, only beginning to be accepted as scientifically valid.� (Wednesday October 4th, 2023 — Oregon Wine Press)

Bio Agriculture 179

Redonda: Tiny Caribbean island�s transformation to wildlife haven The incredible eco-restoration of one tiny Caribbean island - transformed from desolate rock to verdant wildlife haven in just a few years - has captured the imagination of environmentalists worldwide. (Sunday October 1st, 2023 — BBC online)

Miscellaneous 185

SASANA HIGH SCHOOL EURYTHMY THEATRE Comes to PJPAC Eurythmy is an art of creating harmonious movement in space through music and speech. It goes beyond traditional dance by using movements that represent words, emotions, and the qualities of nature. In Eurythmy, every gesture and coordination with others on stage carries deep meaning, allowing for the creation of beautiful and meaningful performances. It develops physical coordination, rhythm, and balance while nurturing creativity and imagination. Eurythmy offers a transformative experience, for both the performer and the audience. (Thursday September 28th, 2023 — BroadwayWorld)

Eurythmy 303

These Are The Top 25 Private High Schools In Michigan New Ranking Says 11. Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor (Thursday September 28th, 2023 — Patch)

Waldorf 173

Arts and outdoor school opens downtown This year, 11 students started the school year with Nova, though enrollment is ongoing. The student body is made up of a mix of backgrounds, with a majority of students joining from homeschooling or previous Waldorf backgrounds. Doors opened for their first day in the former Belwood�s building in Sandpoint, where students studied on desks they built themselves the week before. (Thursday September 21st, 2023 — Bonner County Daily Bee - Sandpoint, Idaho USA)

Waldorf 180

The New Living School's new campus will be bringing a rainforest to Lismore CBD The NSW development will see the Brown and Jolly building in Lismore's CBD transform into a lush open plan facility that has its own rainforest. (Tuesday September 19th, 2023 — Blue Mountains Gazette - Springwood, NSW, Australia)

Waldorf 179
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